The 3 traits of success for the next generation – Tri Sukses Generus

The 3 traits of success for the next generation:

1. Faqih (understanding of Quran Hadits/be knowledgeable of the Quran)
2. Akhlaqul Karimah (having good manners)
3. Mandiri (being independent in this world but still abiding rules of Quran and Hadits)

The explanation:
1. By mastering the knowledge/ ilmu of Quran Hadits, the next generation of jama’ah, the younger generation of Jama’ah, will be able to face the challenges of the latter day of the World (zaman akhir) with the right perspective , the right point of view, based on quran and al hadits. What you should avoid is the bad and ugly of popular culture and the distracting influences you will experience in your young and naive, and even older and experienced life. Having knowledge of Quran and Hadits will make you less likely to follow the wrong crowd and be confident of who you are and what defines you as a jamaah.

The importance of knowledge extends to more than just one person in jamaah, it lives on and builds the existence of jamaah in its entirety, as a whole. Imagine a human totem pole made of three people, with one person standing on top of the other. Knowledge of Quran and Hadits would be the person on the bottom because of the strength and foundation the person represents. It is not easy, or a light feat to hold two people on top of you!

If we as the younger generation master of the knowledge of Quran and Hadits. Rosululloh SAW said
العلم حياة الإسلام وعماد الإيمان (رواه أبو الشيخ)
Ilmu is the existance of islam and the pillar of faith.

It is a given that if we, the younger generation, do not take heed and build our character with the knowledge of Quran and Hadits, it is inevitable that we will threaten the existence of Islam. With no knowledge in our hearts and naturally in our faith in Islam, the destruction of our beloved religion will begin.

As the imam Bukhari (one of the great scholar of islam) put as the title of his book
هلك أمتى على يدي أغيلمة سفهاء (رواه البخاري)
The break down of Muslims is in the hand of the brainless younger generation (who has no ability in mastering quran hadits).

There is almost nothing worst than an unknowledgable and brainless generation and that is what will bece of all of us if we do not grasp the knowledge with dignity and honesty.

The Explanation:

2)’Akhlaqul Karimah’: Practice Divine Morals

​Please know that the damage in an era is marked by the deterioration of human morals that leads to widespread ‘ma’siat’(violation to Allah’s rules). However, if the next generation achieve ‘karim’(divine) morals, Jama’ah will truly shine because by that time people with ‘karim’ morals are rare. For that, the next generation is fostered to improve and perfect their ‘iman’(belief) by increasing honourable traits and morals. Rosululloh SAW said:
أكمل المؤمنين إيمانا أحسنهم خلقا (رواه ابو داود عن أبى هريرة)
Maintain good morals, truly people with better morals are more advanced in their religion.

With that, the attitude and behaviour of the next generation will always reflect the practice of Qur’and and Hadits. This can be applied in ‘amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar’(the act to command Allah’s just and prohibit denial).

3. Acquire Independence

Being independent here means having proficiency, expertise, or skills that enables one to earn money through ‘halal’ means (accepted by Allah).
Economic condition is a factor that can affect a person’s effort to strive for Qur’an and Hadits. This is because one’s economy necessitates his/her basic needs. In addition, to (realistically) uphold an Islamic religion that is ‘haq’(rightful), an extensive funding is required. By these facts, it can be said that the next generation that is “strong” is better than the next generation that is “weak”. This issue is explained in dalil:
إذا كان فى أخر الزمان لا بد للناس من الدراهم والدنانير يقيم الرجل بها دينه ودنياه (رواه الطبرانى)
In the end of the world, it cannot be not (for sure) that people must own a lot of dinar’s (currency in silver) and dirham’s (currency in gold) to uphold their religion and worldy matters with those dinar’s and dirham’s.
This is one way for each jama’ah to demonstrate their advocacy in their religion without depending on others. More importantly, by having independence, our next generation will have strong endurance against the control of ‘kafir’ people (people who deny God’s existence). Through this, our late imam H. Nurhasan’s ‘gandangan’ will surely be carried out:
‘Kembang turi melok-melok sego wadang sisane sore. Ora peduli wong alok-alok, sandang pangan lak nggolek dewe.’
(The main point from this ‘gandangan’ is that do not feel discouraged in ‘amar ma’ruf’, do not pay attention to other people’s ridicules, because we fulfill our basic needs of food and clothes ourselves (i.e., we finance ourselves)).

If these three qualities in jama’ah are achieved, even if we are facing thousands of obstacles and trials, insya Allah millions helps and billions of wins will come. As Rosululloh SAW promised:
لا تزل طائفة من أمتى على الحق منصورين لا يضرهم من خالفهم حتى يأتي أمر الله عز وجل (رواه ابن ماجة عن ثعبان)
Will not stop one people from my followers upon righteousness in receiving help, whoever is hostile to them will not harm them until come the matter of Allah (i.e., Kiamat/doomsday).

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